I have enjoyed teaching ever since I was a kid. My first professional teaching experience was as a lab TA at WWU, and I am privileged to have returned as a physics instructor. My favorite part of teaching is the moment, after working with a student on a complicated problem, when they say 'Ohhhh I get it'.


Outside of teaching, I enjoy spending time with my wife and three cats. I enjoy hiking, biking, soccer, and generally being outside in the pacific northwest. 


My research has been focused on the field of solar cell device physics. I have worked on electrical and optical characterization of solar cells in order to determine defect characteristics. I have also done extensive numerical and analytic solar cell modelling, culminating in my dissertation regarding a closed-form expression I derived for the contact-limited current-voltage behavior of solar cells. 

BS, Western Washington University (2013)

PhD, University of Oregon (2019)